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Commercial Applications

DesignerStone Panels are the answer to countless commercial projects. DesignerStone Panels are natural stone panels made of a front layer of thinly cut stone adhered to a patented backing. They are made by cutting natural stone blocks as thin as 5mm and laminating the stone to either an aluminum polymer composite, fiberglass, honeycomb, or poly vinyl carbonate backing. The end result is a breathtaking stone that is “Stronger” and “Lighter” than traditional slab material of the same product. Additionally, many of the DesignerStone Panels can be back lit to achieve that “Over the Top” look you have been looking for. Casinos and restaurants, hotels and motels, hospitals, anywhere the “WOW” factor is needed—DesignerStone Panels delivers!

If you are looking for speed and affordability in high-rise projects, hotels, motels, hospitals, or apartment buildings—DesignerStone Panels is your go-to material. DesignerStone Panels are easy to work with, 1/8th the weight of traditional slab material, they can be cut on-site, no grout to install or worry about cleaning in the future, and projects that take over a week to complete can be done typically in one day—or less—and the completed project will look better than any other material you could have chosen. DesignerStone Panels are absolutely stunning and affordable!

The giant feature walls, or accent walls, that require additional engineering and material to support the thousands of pounds—gone! Feature walls, with back-lit stone or opaque, it doesn’t matter, can be installed in days with no additional support or design costs.

Looking for that “WOW” in the restaurant or bar you’re designing? A back-lit onyx bar or feature wall with DesignerStone Panels is the answer. We can back-light all the stone and create a masterpiece the clients will never forget!

If you are considering installing Onyx, Marble, Travertine, or Granite in your next commercial project—Contact Promethean Stone, or come into our showroom, we can take care of all your stone and installation needs—you’ll be glad you did!!

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