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DesignerStone® Panels offers everything from the tamest application—to the most amazing piece you have ever seen.

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If you are considering installing Onyx, Marble, Travertine, or Granite in your next commercial project—Contact LuxNova Stone

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Luxurious Designs, Impeccable Class

Welcome to Promethean Stone

Real STONE. Real THIN.

Welcome to the “Next Generation” of Stone…

Your style is made up by everything YOU, and everything YOU CHOOSE to surround yourself with
~ Promethean Stone!

DesignerStone® Panels…

If you wanted to install a stone shower, backsplash, or anything else made of granite or stone… you better have some experience. It’s heavy. It’s not easy to work with. It requires special tools to cut it. It needs to be supported… The list of difficulties to overcome goes on and on.

If you want to install tile, well, this is a time consuming subject—literally. Tile takes time to set, grout, clean-up, and if the client wants a matching soap box, well, that could take an extra half day to get it done and installed if everything goes right.

How about the client that wants a feature wall to show off that awesome staircase? Installing full slab material, weighing up to 800 pounds a slab, would not only be a design issue—the installation would be challenging for the most experienced installer. The photo above shows Antico Wood Vein DesignerStone® panels, book-matched on either sides of the staircase. This project was completed in 2-days with a three-man crew and standard scaffolding! How long would it take to install full slab material, or tile—you would need more than scaffolding.

Not Anymore!
Welcome to Promethean & DesignerStone® Panels! DesignerStone® Panels is the next generation of stone. DesignerStone® Panels are “Real Stone—Real Thin.” There’s nothing quite like it out there, DesignerStone® Panels are unique, easy to work with, and breathtaking to look at. Paul LaFrance, a popular HGTV Celebrity, endorses DesignerStone® Panels and is utilizing the new product in his own home renovations!

Promethean combines unmatched workmanship with natures finest, and most exotic creations.
Promethean will maintain its beauty for lifetimes to come.
Nature never goes out of style.

For more information about this luxurious DesignerStone® Panels, fill out the contact form with as much information as possible or visit our newly designed showroom. Call for details 720-601-7327

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